Opto Mechanics

Opto mechanics is the base of every photonics lab and set-up. Therefore this product group is of vital interest to every customer who wants to build a new lab or improve his old set-up. Azpect offers you the broadest possible selection of components. Combined with our long experience this ensures that we can help you find the right solution to build and/or improve your photonics lab.

All optical setups rely on a stable mounting, free from vibration or drift. We offer high-precision holders and positioners for tiny movements as well as platforms and stages for simple and flexible mounting of holders:


• Opto mechanics

 A broad selection of optical holders etc.

• Manual positioning

 Translation, rotation, tilt etc.

• Motorized Positioning

 Translation, rotation, tilt etc.

• Motion Control

 Electronics to control the motion.

• Optical Tables

 And Breadboards of “any” size & shape.

• Vibration Control

 From simple dampers to active isolation.

• Photonics and Instrumentation

 Fiber optical components and diode laser

 Drivers & Mounts etc.

• Light measurement Instrumentation

 Power & Energy Meters & Beam analyzers etc.

You will meet the following people when you are in contact with the Spectroscopy group:

Sofia Fahlvik Svensson

Sales Engineer


+46 (0)8 55 44 24 98

Joakim Kärnbratt

Sales Manager Laser Systems


+46 (0)8 55 44 24 94

Kristofer Bodvard

Sales Engineer


+46 (0)8 55 44 24 90

Our brochures give further interesting information on this product line: