Detectors & Electrooptical Components

Advanced Optical Sensor and Emitting technology components are typically used in various OEM applications.

We are an experienced OEM supplier with good understanding of different needs regarding Technical Solutions, Lean Production and delay-free Long Term Schedules.

We offer a broad range of High Performance Laserdiodes, Detectors and Integrated Sensor solutions that can measure Temperature, Movement, Light, Distance and Gas – ideal for Industrial-, Automotive-, Medical-, Analytical- and Defense applications:


• Lenses and lens systems

 Convex, concave, cylindrical, aspheric, gradium, IR lenses, collimators, microscope objectives.

• Mirrors

 Dielectric, metal, laser line, replicated.

• Beamsplitters

 Polarizing, non-polarizing.

• Windows

 Brewster, elliptical, plane.

• Prisms

 Reflection, dispersion, retroreflectors.

• Filters

 Longpass, shortpass, bandpass, neutral density, biomedical, colored glass, heat control, fluorescence, UV.

• Diffraction gratings

 Ruled, holographic, Echelle.

• Optical isolators

 Wafer based, with aspheric lens, with collimator. 

• Laser safety equipment

 Eyewear, windows and curtains.

• Laser diode modules

 Red, green, blue, dot, line, linear intensity, speckle reduced, fiber connected.

Our brochures give further interesting information on this product line: