Optics and Optical Components

Optics and optical components are essential for many applications, from lab set-up’s to production lines. Therefore this product group is of vital interest to every customer in the field of photonics.  Azpect can offer a broad selection of optical components and experienced knowledge, thus ensuring you to find the right solution for your optical needs.

A multitude of optical components is available from Azpect Photonics. All of our lens products – whether specialised collimating/focusing systems or diffraction-limited aspherics – each cover a wide spectral range and are available at centre wavelengths from UV to the NIR. Our acousto optics products excel by exhibiting high damage threshold and extremely fast rise and fall times, but simultaneously remain flexibly adaptable to individual requirements:


• Lenses and lens systems

 Convex, concave, cylindrical, aspheric, gradium, IR lenses, collimators, microscope objectives.

• Mirrors

 Dielectric, metal, laser line, replicated.

• Beamsplitters

 Polarizing, non-polarizing.

• Windows

 Brewster, elliptical, plane.

• Prisms

 Reflection, dispersion, retroreflectors.

• Filters

 Longpass, shortpass, bandpass, neutral density, biomedical, colored glass, heat control, fluorescence, UV.

• Diffraction gratings

 Ruled, holographic, Echelle.

• Optical isolators

 Wafer based, with aspheric lens, with collimator. 

• Laser safety equipment

 Eyewear, windows and curtains.

• Laser diode modules

 Red, green, blue, dot, line, linear intensity, speckle reduced, fiber connected.

Our brochures give further interesting information on this product line: