Scientific Lasers

Azpect Photonics has a very long history of supplying lasers for Scientific Research. These types of lasers are being used for numerous of different applications in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine etc. Azpect can offer lasers operating in cw and all the way down to fsec pulsed operation.


We can cover any wavelength all the way from UV up to IR. Power levels range from mW/ µJ up to tens of W / J. Whatever your application is, you are welcome to contact us for a discussion with one of our specialists.

The Scientific Lasers Group can offer a broad selection of lasers including:


• Gas Lasers

Argon, Krypton, Mixed Gas, He-Ne,  He-Cd

• High Energy, pulsed lasers

Nd:YAG and tunable Dye lasers and OPOs

• Titanium-Sapphire Lasers

tunable, cw and pulsed fsec and psec oscillators, narrow line width

• Diode Pumped Solid state (DPSS) Lasers

cw and pulsed in a broad range of wavelength and output power

• Ultra Fast Pulsed Lasers

pico and femto sec laser systems covering a very broad wavelength range (UV to IR).

• CO2 lasers 

cw and pulsed CO2 lasers, 9.3 and 10.6 µm

• Diode Lasers

cw and pulsed diod lasers as well as integrated diode laser modules

• Fiber Lasers

cw (narrow line width) and pico- & femto sec pulsed

• Laser Accessories

Power and Energy Meters, Beam diagnostics, Laser Protection etc.

Our brochures give further interesting information on this product line: