Industrial Lasers

Industrial lasers for material processing are vital in many production environments.

AMS Technologies offers a selection of lasers and laser systems for material processing. We are spezialized in advanced micro machining applications, including cutting, welding, drilling and marking. Combined wih our long experience this insures that we can help you find the right solution to build your laser processing system. Our breadth of experience in industrial and academic applications for these lasers is unrivalled.

Azpect offers a selection of lasers and laser systems for material processing:


• Micro Machining laser systems

A broad selection of laser systems. ND:YAG, doubled, tripled and quadrupled wavelengths, Fiber Lasers etc.

• Ablation & Cleaning

Lasers for material ablation, cleaning and paint stripping etc.

• Lasers for Cutting

Precision cutting of various materials in various thicknesses.

• Welding

Shadow-, contour-, ring-, seam- and spot welding with laser.

• Marking and Engraving

CO2-, ND:YAG and Fiber lasers for marking.

• Drilling

Precision hole drilling.

• Beam Deflection

From 2- and 3-axis scanners to customized beam delivery systems.

• Accessories

Safety goggles, protection curtains, power meters, optics, etc.

Our brochures give further interesting information on this product line: