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From standard components to turnkey solutions

Our company brochures give you an insight into the AMS Technologies / Azpect world. Our product portfolio extends from standard to customized, and from component to system level in our key competencies. 

Company Presentation

enabling your ideas. – AMS Technologies Corporate Brochure
Our company brochure gives you an insight into the AMS Technologies world. Our product portfolio extends from standard to customized, and from component to system level in our key competencies.
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Laser Systems

Laser Systems for Industry & Scientific Applications
We have a a long history of supplying lasers for Scientific Research. These types of lasers are being used for numerous of different applications in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine etc. We can offer lasers operating in cw and all the way down to fsec pulsed operation.
Industrial lasers for material processing are vital in many production environments. AMS Technologies offers a selection of lasers and laser systems for material processing.
05-16-02 Laser Systems AMS Technologies_
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Thermal Management

Laser Cooling – Precise temperature control and high reliability
Our cooling systems meet the cooling requirements of demanding Laser applications. We offer the entire range of laser cooling solutions including a variety of heat sinks for actively and passively cooled light sources, the full range of recirculating chillers from 150 W to 90 kW as well as cabinet cooling for laser equipment.
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Thermoelectric Peltier Coolers
We present our total peltier module range – semi automated to highest efficiency. AMS Technologies has invested into the pickaTEC program offering customers off the shelf availability of a large number of different standard TECs. These preferred TECs should serve for proof of concepts, fast turnaround design ins and smaller volume batches.
10-16-02 Thermoelectric Cooler Modules A
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Climatisation and Lighting Equipment for Enclosures
Electronics are sensitive to extreme and fluctuating temperatures. Unpleasant humidity can form, which leads to malfunctions and losses of electrical systems. To avoid this problem, cabinets and enclosures must be air-conditioned. We offer air-conditioning and dehumidifying systems, which operate safely and position-independent also in rotating rotor hubs.
11-16-02 Climatisation and Lighting Equi
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Development Kit for Compact Liquid Cooling
The new mLC-KIT is a sealed vapor compression circuit with a speed controlled miniature rotary BLDC compressor. The evaporator is a brazed plate heat exchanger, the interface to the customer liquid coolant circuit. The mLC-KIT comes with the separate 24VDC inverter board. The cooling KIT is ideal for compact laser cooling up to 500 W, for bio reagents cooling, and for for mobile applications.
01-16-01 AMS Technologies Development Ki
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Optical Components

Solutions for Research & Scientific Applications
Our broad knowledge and strong comprehension of the scientific and research community, together with our long-standing presence in the field, allow us to provide our customers with high quality products for specialised applications, for example in the fields of laser atom cooling and trapping, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), Raman spectrometry, quantum cascade lasers (QCL), matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI), light detection and ranging (LIDAR), optical coherence tomography (OCT), life sciences, nuclear physics and many other innovative applications.
06-16-02 Solutions for Research & Scient
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Laser Diode Drivers & Temperature Controllers
Together with our partners we lead the laser control industry by simplifying advanced quantum cascade laser, laser diode, and thermal control for demanding electro-optical OEMs and researchers. Our partner delivers for over 20 years instrument-level performance in small, cost-effective modules. Ultra-stable, high precision quantum cascade laser drivers, laser diode drivers and temperature controllers are available for a wide range of applications.
07-16-02 Laser Diode Drivers & Temperatu
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Precision Molded Aspheric Lenses
Aspheric lenses are known for their optimal performance but the expense of fabricating them has inhibited their use. Our partner’s glass molding technology has enabled the production of high volumes of aspheric optics while still maintaining the highest quality at an affordable price. From concept through prototyping, volume production, and global distribution, AMS Technologies has the optical knowledge and manufacturing expertise to be your optics partner every step of the way.
Rev. 08-16-02 Precision Molded Aspheric
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Optical Adhesive Solutions
Strong bonds to glass, metal, ceramics and plastics – Gluing is an essential technological process in many industrial technologies. The state-of-the-art adhesives are especially designed to meet the wide range of applications, while highly specialized. They are simplifying bonding processes, guaranteeing high processing speed combined with high reliability.
09-16-02 Optical Adhesive Solutions AMS
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Fiberoptic Cleaning & Testing Tools
Cost effective cleaning tools for connectors and adaptors & test equipment for fiber systems. Even the smallest contamination on the connector's endface reduces the overall quality of the optical connection. Our product range includes cleaning tools for the end-faces and ferrules of fiber optic connectors, as well as for the end-faces of plugged connectors through an adapter.
12-16-02 Fiberoptic Cleaning & Testing T
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