WhiteLase SC series: ultimate high power supercontinuum fiber laser

The WhiteLase SC series systems are the ultimate high power supercontinuum fiber lasers offering state-of-the-art performance and features in a fully modular and upgradable design.

With a range of wavelength, power and repetition rate options there is a model for almost any application. There is no need to compromise on spectrum or power because the WhiteLase SC series offers both the shortest cut-in wavelength, the most visible power and the highest total power available.

Standard features:

  • High power output – up to 20W total power
  • Highest visible power – up to 4.5W in the “extended” visible range
  • Fixed or variable repetition rate – from 100kHz with on-the-fly adjustment
  • Low jitter NIM trigger with adjustable delay – ideal for TCSPC and FLIM

All systems include integrated touch-screen control, allowing one-touch access to all laser settings, pre-sets, diagnostics and live system status in addition to optional computer control.

WhiteLase SC400 & UV
WhiteLase SC400 & UV SD-D-0034.pdf
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WhiteLase SC480 & IR
WhiteLase SC480 & IR SD-D-0035.pdf
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